Why Schedule Heating Maintenance In Las Vegas This Fall

Why Schedule Heating Maintenance In Las Vegas This Fall

The colder nights are upon us in Las Vegas and it’s very important to prepare your home for the fall and winter months ahead. A fall maintenance task you should start with is a heating tune up even though you may think you don’t need heating maintenance in Las Vegas, but as many of us locals know you use your heating system more than you would think. In fact, for every year that your heating system isn’t maintained, it loses at least 5% of its overall efficiency. Here are five great reasons your heating system needs a fall tune up before the next big chill.

Why Schedule Heating Maintenance In Las Vegas

1. Lower Your Energy Costs During The Winter
Seasonal HVAC maintenance in the fall is a necessity for keeping up your heating system, and outside of changing your air filter, it’s best done by a licensed contractor and backed by a warranty. Don’t attempt to make major repairs to your system unless you’re a trained professional. You could harm yourself or do further damage to your equipment.


2. Avoid Heating System Breakdowns During The Winter
A heating tune up service will allow a trained technician to properly inspect your heating system to see if there are any problems. They will also tune up and clean your heating system to ensure it lasts, it’s safe and will use the least amount of energy to cut down your energy bills during the winter. Make sure your heating system is set for the cold weather now by scheduling a heating maintenance appointment today.


3. Keep Your Family Safe During The Winter

A furnace that is not running properly can create an extremely dangerous risk to your family’s health in your home, which often can be deadly. When your central heating systems furnaces flame is burning yellow instead of blue, its indicating your burner is not working efficiently and is emitting carbon dioxide. The harmful gases travel throughout your house and will have harmful effects. There are several problems with furnaces that can cause your family harm and scheduling a heating maintenance service in the fall is one way to ensure you are kept safe. Upgrading your furnace if it’s older than 10 years old would also be a good option to ensure your heating system isn’t causing harm in your home. Many modern furnaces and heating systems are capable of shutting off when they are not working correctly. At Gibson Air we offer Free estimates for heating system replacements, just call 702-388-7771 to learn more.


Central Home Heating Maintenance Checklist

4. Your Furnace Warranty Might Require It
Whether you purchased your furnace brand new or it came with your house, most furnaces have some level of warranty. The majority of these warranties require that the homeowner keep up with regular, professional heating maintenance. If your furnace breaks while it is covered by the warranty, you may have to show proof that you’ve had regular furnace tune ups, so it’s best to start scheduling them every year during the fall.


5. Improve The Efficiency Of Your Heating System
To keep your heating system efficient, make time to perform regular maintenance. There are DIY maintenance tips for your heating system you can do but also make sure to schedule heating preventative maintenance with your HVAC service provider. Just as your car needs yearly maintenance (oil change, etc.) to help it run your heating system does as well. To see what’s included in a furnace tune up, check out our furnace tune up checklist.


Schedule Heating Maintenance In Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin

Gibson Air offers a full range of heating maintenance services in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and throughout Clark County, Nevada. Since 1992 we’ve been serving the Las Vegas area with all their heating and air conditioning needs. Our customers love us and keep coming back, just check out our reviews yourself! Call 702-388-7771 to schedule HVAC service, we are open 24/7.

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