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Tips: HVAC, Energy & Money Saving

Here’s an updating resource list of energy and money saving tips, articles and things you can do to help keep your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter and your indoor air quality breathable, while saving on your heating and cooling bills. We also offer Financing options and HVAC Specials to help save you money all year long. Browse our tips below and give us a call at 702-388-7771 if you have any questions or need any HVAC services in the Las Vegas area.

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Learn about your home’s energy use and get recommendations on how to save money and energy!

Energy Saving Tips


Energy Saving Tips Gibson Air

Save money and energy with energy saving tips

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Maintenance Tips for HVAC

HVAC maintenance tips to keep your air conditioning and heating system running efficiency all year. From summer tips to winter maintenance tips, will keep you educated on what matters the most to ensure your home comfort.

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Indoor Air Quality Tips

Breath better air with air quality tips for your home.

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HVAC 101 - Industry Terms

Find out what important industry terms mean like SEER and more!

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Repair or Replace

Find out when its best to repair your air conditioner or heating system or find out if its more efficient to replace your old HVAC units.
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Gibson Air Blog Posts

Ways To Save Energy This Earth Day

 See energy saving tips for your home below and enjoy our air conditioning coupons to make your home as energy efficient as it can be! Earth Day and all year we encourage you to utilize the following home energy saving tips in order to be “greener” today and each day forward. See below for easy ways to conserve energy will help you save money each month on your energy bills. One of the most important tips to save money on your energy bills is scheduling annual air conditioning maintenance each spring to prepare for the summer heat. In fact, you can save up to 40% on your home energy bills with AC maintenance every year. We currently have one time air conditioning maintenance coupon for $59, call us at 702-388-7771 to schedule HVAC service in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and Clark County, Nevada area. [See are updated list of even more ways to reduce energy] Ways To Save Energy On Earth Day   Turn off all lights, appliances and electronics not in use Unplug all appliances and tools when not in use to save energy in your home. According to the Energy Information Institute, the average U.S. household spends about $2,000 a year on electricity, and about 10 percent of that, or $200, is spent paying for electricity you’re not even using. During the daytime you should also use the natural light to keep your home lite, try to avoid turning on lights if possible.   Don’t waste water Taking a four minute shower instead of an eight minute shower could also save almost 10 gallons of water! If you can’t sacrifice... read more

Winter Energy Saving Tips For Your Home In Las Vegas

The temperatures during winter in Las Vegas dip down into the 30’s and 40’s causing you to rely more on your heating system causing your energy bills to rise. In order to help lower your energy bills during the winter you can follow a few winter energy savings for your home in Las Vegas. When the cold arrives you’ll be able to make sure your house isn’t wasting energy while keeping your family warm. Winter Energy Saving Tips For Your Home Seal Air Leaks In Your Home Seal cracks and openings in foundations, around windows, doors and electrical outlets with caulking or weather stripping. A lot of warm air is being lost, causing your furnace to work harder to maintain warm temperatures. Install window and door weather stripping. Use caulk or expanding foam accordingly to fill in the holes, cracks and gaps. Make sure your home is properly sealed to prevent the warm air from escaping, and allowing the cold air in. The average home loses about 25% of energy through windows while heating during the winter, and up to 40% of energy when cooling during the summer. By also replacing your normal windows with energy efficient windows you can end up saving 10-15% on your heating bill.   Get A Furnace Tune Up Service Annually Keep your system running at its best by scheduling an annual heating check up every fall or winter! Regular maintenance and changing filters monthly is key to the most efficient and least cost operation of your furnace, which also reduces the cost of heating your home. Flickering pilot lots, dust build up, loose... read more

Should I Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioner

Have you noticed your air conditioning has not been performing as well lately and you’re considering an installation of a new air conditioner? You may be deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioner. Living in Las Vegas you can’t afford to not have a proper working air conditioning unit during the summer and you should consider several factors before repair or replacement service. Find out below for information that will help you make an informed decision as to what is best for your family. One tip is when the cost of repairs approaches 50% of the value of your heating or cooling system, it’s generally time to replace the system. You can contact us today for a free estimate for unit replacement.   When To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner   Age Of Your System Air conditioning systems typically last an average of 10-12 years, if your system is around this age it may be time for AC replacement. At Gibson Air we even offer free estimates for a HVAC unit replacement, contact now for air conditioning replacement in Las Vegas, Henderson and the Clark County, Nevada area. One way to make your air conditioner last longer is with regular HVAC maintenance service, once in the spring and another time in the fall. If your air conditioning system is less than 10 years old you should check to see if your manufactures warranty is still good, if it is then AC repair service would be best for you. However, replacing your air conditioner when it’s 6-10 years old can be cost effective because “you may save... read more

Why Clean Air Conditioning Condenser Coils in Las Vegas

Why Should You Clean Your Air Conditioning Coils? Air Conditioning systems are like cars. During the warm months, through labor day in and day out without regular care, they lose their ability to keep you cool. A critical component of every air conditioner is the condenser coil. When the condenser coil gets dirty, it causes problems that affect performance and can damage other parts of the system. We currently have a coupon for HVAC Maintenance with a chemical coil cleaning!   What Are Condenser Coils? Condenser coils are situated in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. As refrigerant removes heat from your home, it turns into a gas. It then travels to the condenser coils. As the refrigerant gas passes over the coils, it is cooled and changes back into a liquid. It is then recirculated back into your home to cool the air and remove more heat.   Benefits Of Getting Your Air Conditioning Condenser Coils Cleaned Keeping the evaporator and condenser coils of an air conditioning system clean and free of foreign materials can do more to maintain operating efficiency and increase equipment life than any other preventive maintenance procedure. Put simply, a regularly scheduled coil cleaning will help keep your equipment running better and longer.   What Happens To My AC When The Condenser Coils Get Dirty? Condenser coils get dirty in the process of cooling the refrigerant. Dirt from the air outside is absorbed into the outdoor cooling unit and begins to build up on the coils. The bigger the buildup, the harder it is for the cooling system to perform. Electric bills increase and indoor... read more

Summer Energy Saving Tips For Your Home In Las Vegas

It’s hot out and you’re using your air conditioner daily, how do you save energy this summer in Las Vegas? There are many summer energy saving tips you can follow to help save energy and reduce your energy bill in the summer months. From air conditioning tips to save money to home improvement and design ideas to save energy this article has got you covered. The US Department of Energy says that cooling your home will take a 48% bite off your monthly utility bills. How can you cut back on this cost to save the dollars while still keeping your house cool? If you want to make your home energy efficient as possible this summer while helping you save money on monthly bills you should begin by following the summer energy saving tips below.   Summer Energy Saving Tips Seal leaks around your home Prevent cold air from escaping your house by sealing all your air leaks. These are typically found around windows and doors and can quickly be patched up with weatherstripping or a caulking gun. Weatherproofing your doors and windows is a great way to save energy this summer.   Close your drapes or blinds Reduce your summer utility bills by closing your drapes or blinds in your home. This summer energy saving tip is especially important when you’re not home, keep your home cooler and save energy by closing your drapes or blinds. Doing so will help your air conditioner not work as hard as well as keep your home cooler as the strong sun rays aren’t heating up your home directly.   Use a... read more

Benefits Of Air Conditioning Tune Up Service In Las Vegas

It’s spring time in Las Vegas and you know what that means, the summer heat is on its way fast! There are many things you need to do to prepare and an air conditioning tune up service in Las Vegas should be one of your first items on your spring cleaning checklist. In fact, a neglected AC unit loses roughly 5% of its efficiency each year! With proper air conditioning maintenance we can assure your systems lasts. There are many benefits with regular air conditioning maintenance and it’s recommended you schedule HVAC maintenance two times a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Schedule service with a reliable Las Vegas HVAC company like Gibson Air so certified HVAC technicians can perform all the necessary inspections and tasks that will ensure your cooling system runs smoothly and efficiently all summer long, we you need it most. So whether you’re signed up for HVAC Maintenance Plan or you’re just curious about the importance of annual maintenance, check out all the great benefits of air conditioner tune ups we listed below! Las Vegas AC Tune Up Benefits 1.  Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner Neglecting regular maintenance for air conditioning systems can cause issues for your HVAC system, possibly resulting in a broke air conditioner in the summer heat. Avoid home comfort and safety issues by scheduling AC Tune Up in spring so you’re ready for the harsh summer temperatures. During a tune up service you can rest assured knowing your air conditioner is being inspected and tuned for any issues that could happen from heavy usage of... read more

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