Summer HVAC Maintenance Plan


“Air conditioning performance is a direct result of how well you take care of the unit during the peak summer months,” said Paul Trotter, brand manager for American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning. “With the proper upkeep, you can expect your air conditioner to last for 10 years or more—and consistently perform at its peak throughout its life.”

“One of the most important ways a homeowner can actively contribute to extending the life of his or her air conditioner is to have a yearly inspection prior to each cooling season. This will guarantee that the unit is prepared to work properly and at maximum efficiency.”

establishing a maintenance plan

With any HVAC system, repairs are inevitable. It is likely used 24/7, so the wear and tear on a furnace and air conditioning unit is considerable. There will be things that go wrong with a system that works that hard, but all machinery becomes worn under continued stress.

This is why having a maintenance plan on an HVAC is so important. Keeping your system in proper working order, however, is just the first of many reasons to invest in a maintenance plan for your unit. The following list includes things you may not have considered.

Regular cleaning and inspections. The heart of any HVAC maintenance plan is regular cleaning and inspection. These procedures are usually conducted semi-annually. These check-ups enable units to retain up to 95% of their original efficiency over time.

Warranty benefits. Most HVAC maintenance plans come equipped with warranties. Pay attention to the fine print, though. They are usually only valid if the unit is serviced regularly and as needed, so be diligent of your system’s condition and contact the necessary professional regarding any concerns.

Cheaper repairs. Having your name on a maintenance plan list will actually lower the cost of repairs of the unit. Any work that has to be done during an annual inspection will be discounted. These price reductions may include parts as well. Companies will typically extend this discount to repairs between inspections, too, even though such visits are likely to be rare.

Extended life of system. It is probably no surprise that having regular work done on a unit will lengthen its lifespan. By resolving problems when they arise instead of waiting until the unit has completely stopped working, minor repairs will keep the system running. Small problems can become big ones if left unattended.

Lower utility bills. A unit working as efficiently as possible means paying less for utilities. Working out the bugs in your unit means it won’t be working as hard to produce the same amount of heat or air, and so will lower the monthly bill.

Cleaner air. If an AC unit gets jammed with dirt, you could be inhaling dust and mold. This can dangerously exacerbate conditions like allergies and asthma. Furthermore, ill-functioning gas heating systems may leak toxins into the air. It is safer and healthier to maintain your unit than to risk exposure to unclean air or toxic gases.

Scheduling priority. If you need a technician between annual inspections, you will be given scheduling priority. This is a way for the heating and cooling company to thank its customers for their business. Being a scheduling priority also means spending less time in an uncomfortable house.

There are many reasons to have a maintenance plan – and none to keep you from investing in one. This is a must for all homeowners and well worth the price. The comfort of your home depends on a working HVAC system. Don’t wait until problems occur. Keep your system in constant working order with a maintenance plan.

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 HVAC Maintenance Plan

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