Summer Energy Saving Tips For Your Home In Las Vegas

Summer Energy Saving Tips For Your Home In Las Vegas

It’s hot out and you’re using your air conditioner daily, how do you save energy this summer in Las Vegas? There are many summer energy saving tips you can follow to help save energy and reduce your energy bill in the summer months. From air conditioning tips to save money to home improvement and design ideas to save energy this article has got you covered. The US Department of Energy says that cooling your home will take a 48% bite off your monthly utility bills. How can you cut back on this cost to save the dollars while still keeping your house cool? If you want to make your home energy efficient as possible this summer while helping you save money on monthly bills you should begin by following the summer energy saving tips below.


Summer Energy Saving Tips

Seal leaks around your home

Prevent cold air from escaping your house by sealing all your air leaks. These are typically found around windows and doors and can quickly be patched up with weatherstripping or a caulking gun. Weatherproofing your doors and windows is a great way to save energy this summer.


Close your drapes or blinds

Reduce your summer utility bills by closing your drapes or blinds in your home. This summer energy saving tip is especially important when you’re not home, keep your home cooler and save energy by closing your drapes or blinds. Doing so will help your air conditioner not work as hard as well as keep your home cooler as the strong sun rays aren’t heating up your home directly.


Use a programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat can save you up to 15% on your home energy costs simply by resetting your thermostat when you are asleep or away from home to a higher temperature. You can do this automatically without sacrificing comfort by installing a programmable thermostat. You can read more about programmable thermostat benefits at A good temperature to set thermostat in the summer would be anywhere from 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.


Change your ceiling fan direction

Did you know that ceiling fans can be used to help make your air conditioner not have to work so hard? Set the blades to rotate counterclockwise during the warmer months to push air down into the room to create a nice cool breeze while saving you energy and money.


Replace old outdated air conditioners

If your air conditioner is 10 years old and up it may be time to consider purchasing a new unit that is more energy efficient. This is especially important in the extreme desert climate of Las Vegas. Look for units that cost less to run like Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split systems and units that have a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) no less than 13 SEER for central air conditioners. You can reduce your utility bills by as much as 50% with the newer systems they now make.


Schedule AC Maintenance In Las Vegas and Henderson:

Ensure your system is working properly and efficiently to last in the harsh Las Vegas heat. Air conditioning maintenance in Las Vegas is very important and keeping your unit cleaned and maintained by having a yearly HVAC maintenance plan is the best way to ensure this. Dust build up in your HVAC system is a major cause of air conditioning problems and this is especially bad in the summer. A trained and certified HVAC technician will perform a thorough inspection of your system to discover any issues before they become an unexpected breakdown. This will also ensure your system stays energy efficient each year giving you maximum savings on your energy bills while making sure your system lasts longer. An HVAC maintenance plan in Las Vegas is a great way to make sure you’re kept cool all summer long. One air conditioning maintenance tip you can do on your own is change your home air filter each month. As they become dirty your system works harder and you breathe dust and other particles in, causing health issues. Your air conditioner works hard in the summer and changing your air filter when dirty is a great idea to do.

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