Should I Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioner

Should I Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioner

Have you noticed your air conditioning has not been performing as well lately and you’re considering an installation of a new air conditioner? You may be deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioner. Living in Las Vegas you can’t afford to not have a proper working air conditioning unit during the summer and you should consider several factors before repair or replacement service. Find out below for information that will help you make an informed decision as to what is best for your family. One tip is when the cost of repairs approaches 50% of the value of your heating or cooling system, it’s generally time to replace the system. You can contact us today for a free estimate for unit replacement.


When To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner


Age Of Your System

Air conditioning systems typically last an average of 10-12 years, if your system is around this age it may be time for AC replacement. At Gibson Air we even offer free estimates for a HVAC unit replacement, contact now for air conditioning replacement in Las Vegas, Henderson and the Clark County, Nevada area. One way to make your air conditioner last longer is with regular HVAC maintenance service, once in the spring and another time in the fall. If your air conditioning system is less than 10 years old you should check to see if your manufactures warranty is still good, if it is then AC repair service would be best for you. However, replacing your air conditioner when it’s 6-10 years old can be cost effective because “you may save 20% to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model,” according to


Energy Bill Higher Than Normal

During warmer months, you often see changes in your energy bills due to your high usage but if your bills appear to be higher than usual, think about doing an energy audit. This helps you to work out whether your air conditioning unit is working as well as it should. There are many common causes for high energy bills and it’s important to figure out what’s causing the issue so you can save more energy and money. If you do have a problem with your air conditioner a repair service or new unit may be needed. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will gladly fully diagnose and go over what the issues are so you fully understand and can make the right decision.


The SEER Rating Of Your Air Conditioner

Until 2006, 10 SEER was standard, but these days, the minimum allowed by federal law is 14 SEER. That translates to 40% less electrical consumption and 30% lower cooling bills than equipment installed just a few years ago. In comparison you can double your energy savings by jumping up to 16 SEER from a 13 SEER, which will reduce cooling expenses by 60% over a 10 SEER unit.



The Temperature Is Inconsistent

Your air conditioner should provide a consistent air temperature at the setting you’ve chosen. If you find that certain rooms or spaces become cold zones, and others don’t seem to get any cool air at all, it might be a sign that your air conditioning unit is on the way out. As your air conditioner gets older, it’s efficiency goes down and it takes longer for the air conditioner to cool your home. This will cause you to have higher electric bills than usual. Get a few 12-month summaries from your electric company (APS, Unisource, Mohave Electric or whoever you use) and compare your electric bills during the summer months from the last few years. As long as your air conditioner usage has remained consistent, you can get an accurate picture of how much your old air conditioner is costing you each year.


It Needs Excessive Repairs

You should consider how frequently you have to make repairs on your air conditioning unit. If you are continually needing air conditioning repair service you should consider replacing your AC unit. Your air conditioner loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year it goes without proper professional maintenance. Proper maintenance of your air conditioner has been proven to double the life span of the system and can prevent often repairs.


Schedule HVAC Service In Las Vegas Area

These most common air conditioning problems have many causes, but usually arise from faulty installation, lack of yearly maintenance and poor service procedures. The best option is to have a highly trained and qualified technician give you an honest assessment of your equipment.  A technician knows what to look for and what they’re looking at and every situation is different. Contact today to get a free estimate on a new air conditioner installation in Henderson, Las Vegas, Summerlin or the Clark County, Nevada area. We also provide free second opinions and great prices for tough repairs.  We’re even available for emergencies after regular business hours. To learn more about any of our services or to schedule an appointment, call us at 702-388-7771.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that if you constantly need to repair your AC unit than it might be time to start looking into having it replaced. I have noticed over this last summer that my air conditioner broke down a lot more and needed a lot more repairs than normal. I will have to talk to an HVAC technician about getting it replaced so that it can work better.


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