How To Stay Warm At Home Without Turning Up The Heat

How To Stay Warm At Home Without Turning Up The Heat

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to stay warm at home without heat or you’re looking to keep your thermostat low follow these helpful tips to stay comfortable and safe. If you have a no heat issue due to heating problem, call Gibson Air right away for heating services in the Las Vegas area.

Staying Warm In Your Home Without Turning The Heat Up

Follow these tips to stay warm in your home without blasting the heat.


how to stay warm without turing up the heat in your house

Keep your home warm without turning up the heat with these tips from Gibson Air!

Keep your blinds and curtains open during the day

Use the power of the sun to your advantage when heating your home in the winter. When your curtains are opened during the day, the sun’s rays can get into the house. If your windows face south and there’s no drafts in the room, you will really being able to heat the air inside your house.


Cover your feet and head

Keeping your feet warm will really help keep your whole body warm. Make sure you have socks that are in good shape and you should have a pair of slippers on your feet or shoes if allowed in the house. Your head is also another important part on your body to keep covered and warm. Wearing a warm winter hat will make a big difference in keeping you warm.


Drink hot beverages

Drinking a hot beverage like tea, coffee will help keep you warm on those cold days and nights. The beverage will raise your body temperature, getting your whole body warmed up. It’s much easier to change your body temperature than the room temperature.


Cook at home using your stove

Cooking with a stove will greatly increase the temperature in a room. Try to cook in more if it’s a cold night to get your house to nice warm temperature without cranking up your thermostat. When you’re finished baking, leave your oven door slightly open to get all the heat from the oven into the room.


Wear layers

Make sure you are wearing long sleeved shirts and layer it up with a sweatshirt or hoody. Wool is a great material to wear to keep you warm in the winter. Wool is the best for insulation and it’s also comfy and sturdy. When you’re sitting down or sleeping make sure to have plenty of warm blankets on you too.


Put heavy blankets over doors and windows

This home tip for the winter is fast and effective. By keeping heavy blankets over your doors and windows you will ensure that heat does not escape. This will also prevent more cold air from getting into the house!


Regulate humidity in your home

The colder seasons mean even less humidity in your home, which actually makes air feel colder than it is. Raise your home’s humidity using a humidifier, and that moisture will trap much-needed heat.


Block all drafts under doors

An inexpensive way to keep your house warmer is to add weather stripping, a rolled up towel or a draft stopper where your doors are.


Get Heating Services For Maximum Efficiency

You deserve to stay warm without stressing about your utility bills, so focus on keeping yourself toasty rather than your entire home. For more help efficiently heating your home, call our heating specialists at Gibson Air at 702-388-7771 or use our online contact form.

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