8 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

8 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

The winter makes your indoor air quality worse. During the cold winter months we spend more time inside our home, run our furnace and have all our windows closed. Your home’s indoor air quality effects the health of all those inside so it’s important to increase your indoor air quality during the winter months. Follow these ways to improve indoor air quality during the winter to keep a healthy and safe home.

ways to improve indoor air quality during winter

Follow our tips on how to improve indoor air quality during winter for a safe environment in your home.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Winter

First, what are the causes of poor indoor quality? There are many contributing factors to bad indoor air quality in your home. Some of the most common indoor air pollutants include pet dander, perfumes, scented candles, paint, air fresheners, cleaning products and fireplaces. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, poor winter indoor air quality can aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma and can increase a person’s risk of developing pneumonia and other upper respiratory problems. Stay safe by following the tips below for improving indoor air quality during winter.


Change The Air Filters In Your Home

Your homes heating system air filter is extremely important in your defense against indoor air pollutants. Check your filters regularly at the end of each month and change them as needed (about every 2 months in the winter, clean filters each month). Make sure that when they are installed, filters are secured tightly to avoid gaps between the filter frame and rack. This reduces bypass air, which can harm indoor air quality by allowing breathable particles to pass through without being filtered. If you have questions about changing your air filter, contact us at 702-388-7771.


Add Indoor Plants That Clean The Air

Improve your indoor air quality this winter by using beneficial houseplants. In fact, research by NASA and others has proved that certain houseplants can be effective at removing harmful chemicals, such as benzene, from indoor air. There are many plants to improve indoor air quality, some of these include Peace Lily’s and bamboo palms, see more plants that improve indoor air quality in the image below.

plants that improve indoor air quality


Vacuum Frequently

Make sure you are vacuuming more often in the winter months to remove any pollutants and irritants from the floor. Dust, pollen and chemicals trapped in your carpet all are culprits causing you to cough and sneeze. Also, it can be worth it to invest in a quality vacuum that uses a HEPA filter.


Change Your Bedding Frequently

Your bed has dust mites and particles that float around in the air while you sleep. You’ll breathe in these dust mites while you’re sleeping, and any time you put something on the bed, dust particles will fly into the air. Changing your bedding once a week is recommended to improve your indoor air quality in the winter.


Get A Furnace Tune Up Service

Make sure you’re getting an annual furnace turn up so your system is clean and running as efficiently as it should be. If you have not done so yet this season, it is not too late. To ensure your heating system is working properly, schedule a furnace tune up. We currently have a $55 one time heating maintenance coupon available!


Get An Air Purifier

If you or someone if your home has asthma or prone to allergies it may be worth it to invest in an air purifier. Place an air purifier in your bedroom so while you sleep you’re breathing the cleanest air possible.


Indoor Air Quality Help For Las Vegas Homeowners

Contact the experts at Gibson Air to find out the best way to improve your indoor air quality. We’re a family owned heating and air conditioning company in Henderson that has been helping Las Vegas residents stay comfortable and safe in their homes since 1994. Call us at 702-388-7771 or use our online contact form.

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