7 Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill During Spring

7 Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill During Spring

Are you looking to lower your home energy costs during spring? The springtime is the perfect time to start your home maintenance and home improvement tasks to make sure come summer you are not overspending on your energy bills due to using your air conditioner daily.

Spring energy saving tips for your home

Follow our tips to lower your energy bill during the spring to make your home energy efficient. Start seeing the energy and money savings today!


Avoid peak energy times

To save money on your energy bills during the spring and to prevent electricity outages, avoid running appliances during peak hours, which is from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Use your windows to your advantage

If you are not already using your air conditioner or during the colder night time temps, you should open your windows to create a cross-breeze. Doing so will create a natural cooling effect that will flow throughout your home. The springtime is also a good time to change your window coverings from heavy drapes to lighter colored curtains to save more energy.


tips to lower your energy bill during spring

Lower your energy bills during the spring by replacing inefficient air conditioning systems.

Replace your inefficient air conditioner

Replacing old air conditioners with a new, energy-efficient model is the best way to save on energy costs. You should consider replacing your AC system when it’s over 10 years old. Contact a professional air conditioning company to determine which AC replacement is best for your specific home. We’re usually offering instant rebates and coupons for new air conditioning systems, view current HVAC rebates and coupons here!


Use fans

Fans are an economical way of keep you cool. Cooling your home with ceiling fans will allow you to raise your thermostat four degrees. This can help lower your electricity bills without sacrificing overall comfort.


Cook outside

When you cook with a stovetop or oven, you can end up heating up your kitchen and connecting rooms by several degrees. Save your air conditioner from working overtime by grilling outdoors whenever possible.


Set your thermostat to the ideal temp

For every degree you set your thermostat above 78 degrees during warmer weather, you could save an estimated 6-8% off your energy bill during the spring and summer.


Service your air conditioner

Every spring your air conditioner should receive annual maintenance to ensure its working efficiently and to maintain your warranty. It’s also very important to check your air conditioner’s air filters. Clean filters in an HVAC system promote efficient airflow, which can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%.


Follow these tips to help control energy costs in your home this spring to save money and energy. For any of your air conditioning needs in the Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin area, call the experts at Gibson Air at 702-388-7771 or email contact@gibsonair.com and don’t forget to ask about our current HVAC coupons!

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